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We support you in whatever birth you choose to have.

Why Should Hire a Doula?

Birth can be a very overwhelming experience. A doula can serve as a calming presence and give you the confidence that what you are going through is normal. We can offer physical and emotional support to not only mom, but her partner too. Having a doula often means less interventions. A doula will help support you in whatever birth you choose to have.

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While dreaming about the day I get to become a mom, I was listening to birth stories and feeling like the moms were being taken advantage of. I noticed that most of these moms either didn’t have enough support or didn’t have the knowledge necessary to stand up for themselves and have the birth they deserve. I thought that there must be some way I could help. By becoming a doula, I could do just that! I researched the different trainings and after much thought, decided on Birth Boot Camp and became a Certified Doula. Now I get to help parents improve one of the most important and magical days of their life!